There is unanimous agreement among emergency management professionals that the state of public emergency communications is at an unacceptable level of decline.

  • No effective/efficient public communication systems (Reverse 911 and traditional media are obsolete) 95% 95%
  • Departments are understaffed, underfunded, with a large mandate 88% 88%
  • Seek more prevention messaging/planning vs. response only 100% 100%



















*source 2020 survey of 56 City Emergency Managers in the US


US Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration “Effectiveness of Safety and Public Service Announcement Messages” on:


Excerpt from the report: Results of 2,088 responses received from —Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Orlando, FL; and Philadelphia, PA.

Text of Studies supporting the positive effects of Public Messaging Systems

The majority also noted that safety and Public Service Announcements (PSA) messages on Dynamic Messaging Signs (DMS) are useful, with some even noting that those messages are more effective on DMS as compared to other media (such as television).

In addition, the perceived usefulness of safety and PSA messages was examined in a binary logit model. The model showed that the messages were considered useful if the driver encountered them often. Respondents also thought that those messages could be effective in changing behavior. Hence, greater exposure to such messages impacts the perceptions of the messages. 


Hail Sign is a working prototype of our technology and is part of our mobile solution product line.

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Study on: Science Direct “The impact of road advertising signs on driver behavior and implications for road safety: A critical systematic review

Based on the available evidence, however, it is not possible to definitively conclude that there is a direct relationship between the driving behavior changes attributed to roadside advertising and road crashes.

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